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Preproduction of Kungfu Camp is finished:


At the beginning of August, our new Kungfu Camp is completed.


Production wraps on “the blood bond reshoot":


In order to make "the blood bond" better, we do a one-week reshoot for part of it with more actions and smoothness at the end of July.


Puppet Master: Axis of Evil release:


Puppet Master: Axis of Evil release from Full Moon Company on July 27th, 2010 (USA).


Production wraps on the second trailer on "Vela 734":


With the help of our CGI team, we start shooting the "Vela 734" at the end of April.


Production begins on Dianna Chocolate Commercial:


Our new attempt to shoot another commercial on green screen on April 22nd.


John Shum visits ACE Studios


Famous Chinese actor, Producer of Confucius and Echoes of the Rainbow, Mr. John Shum visits ACE Studios. He also takes a look at the shooting of a beach volleyball test video.


Cheung Tat-Ming visits ACE


HK movie star Cheung Tat-Ming takes a tour at ACE studio.


3D Team (Post-Production)



Production wraps on "The Blood Bond":


After a 36-day shoot, principal photography on "The Blood Bond" wrapped on November 28th, 2009. Meanwhile we start to do post production of the blood bond.


Production begins on "The Blood Bond":


With our preproduction done, we start shooting "The Blood Bond" on October 19th, 2009. We proudly have the Hollywood famous star Michael Biehn and Hong Kong famous star Simon Yam this time.


Production wraps on the trailer of "Vela 734":


On the end of September, we finish the trailer shooting. After that, we start to do the post production which includes CGI part, sound effect part, etc.


Production wraps on "Killjoy 3":


Killjoy 3 is another new film coming from Full Moon Entertainment. This is the third installment in the series about an Evil Clown Demon who has an insatiable thirst for blood and revenge. After preproduction and shooting, we wraps on September 15th, 2009.


Production wraps on "Puppet Master":


On June 27th, 2009, principal photography on :Puppet Master" wrapped. This film will send o Full Moon Company to do post production.