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Studio Total Size: 11500 m2, click on the map to see the respective details:

ACE Studios provides a wide range of facilities including editing rooms, make-up rooms, a full costume workshop, production offices, 4 sound stages, conference and rehearsal rooms, a special make-up effects workshop, two art department fabrication shops, two on site kitchens, post production sound facilities, and more.


Traffic and parking is never an issue at ACE Studios because of the ample space provided by our spacious lots and convenient location.


ACE Studios treats privacy and security at our studios as a priority. We have year round, 24/7 manned security, aided by a comprehensive CCTV camera network.


Our maintenance and support crew, who range from plasterers, lighting professionals, carpenters, welders and painters, live in staff quarters adjacent to the studio and are available at a moments notice to aid in creating a smooth production process.


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