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Post Production

The range of Post Production services include:

Sound Recording | Sound Design | Foley recording and editing | ADR | Optical Transfer |Avid Solutions | Audio and Video Duplication | Film Stock & Labs | Digital Intermediate Facilities | Physical SFX | Post Production Management | Storyboarding | 3D design| 3D animation production| stereoscopic 3D animation production| keying green screen and wire | tracking and replacing with 3D elements| creating and integrating digital visual effects


Audio, Picture, Archive



Music Composition & Production


Audio, Picture, Archive

The post production department within ACE Studios hosts integrated post production sound facilities, enabling its talented pool of mixers and dedicated technical support to offer the gamut of audio services.

The ACE Studios Group audio post production department has assembled a professional team to deliver audio post-production for film, television and commercials.

We also have a range of production services to assist you whilst at the studios. With high-speed secure internet delivery and on-site security, be assured that your production is in safe and capable hands.



ADR and Foley Recording

Foley sound rooms are used to replicate and enhance the original sound of the location by recording footsteps and other sound effects. Our foreign version mixers also use these Foley tracks to support international versioning. Our sound rooms are also used extensively for ADR work in both original and international versions.

Sound Editing

The selecting, cutting and editing of dialogue and sound effects to match and enhance the visual image is an integral part of post production and as such ACE Studios' Post Production has developed relationships with a number of companies in this highly-skilled field.

Many of these specialist companies are based on the studio lots and we regularly collaborate with them to provide the complete sound package for Film and TV post.



The editing team uses the digital nonlinear editing system Final Cut Pro by Apple. It is a speedy, extensible and comprehensive editing tool for post production. Equipped with G5 Mac machines, we are using professional software such as After Effects and Color for special visual effects and color correction. With the help of professional equipment and software, we are able to output high quality work.


Music Composition & Production

We have a professional Music Department with extensive experience working in film, television, animation, commercials, and the web.


  • Film:

    1. The Witch (2008)

    2. The Dark Forest (2009)

    3. The Blood Bond Saga (2010)



    1. American in China (2006)

    2. Delicacy Journey (2007)



    1. KMB Boy (2010)

    2. Vela 734 (2010)

  • Commercials:

    1. MSN Latino (2006)

    2. Diana Chocolate (2010)


    Flash Project:

    1. Net-Go E-Magazine series (2005-2007)

    2. Westchester of USA (2006)

    3. Airport of GZ (2006)



    1. Sport Merchandise (2006)

    2. Diabolic Design Studio (2008)



The ACE CGI Department in a vital post production unit. Our members specialize in creating digital visual effects and computer animation for film, advertising, music, and television. We're a dedicated group who like to tell stories, push boundaries, and entertain audiences of one or one billion. We also have a big technical backup for shooting.