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Special Effects

We use the highest quality materials from the United States, China, England, and Japan to bring you the highest quality in special make-up effects. Below are some of the specialty items our team uses to create custom effects for your production.


  • Lifecasting

    Small Scale, ie. hands and faces to Large Scale, ie bodies, body sections, head and shoulder busts.

  • Foam Latex

    Small Scale, ie noses and partial face prosthetics to Large Scale, ie body suits and multiple piece overlapping prosthetic makeups.

  • Silicone

    Fake heads, bodies, and limbs to plastic encapsulated gelled silicone prosthetic make-ups of any size.

  • Mold making

    Small single piece molds to large multiple piece molds with many levels of complexity (including fiberglass and silicone matrix molds).

  • Sculpture

    Small maquettes and teeth to Full Body prosthetics and puppets.

  • Fabrication

    Construction fabrication of decomposed heads to full corpses, as well as on set fabrication of tattoos and 3rd degree burns and simple injuries.

Most Noteworthy Materials Utilized by the Make-up/Special Make-up Effects Department


  • Quantum Silicones 2125 Highest Grade Mold Making Silicone Rubber
  • Quantum Silicones Skin 30 Highest Grade Skin Making Silicone Rubber
  • Shinetsu KE-45-T Silicone Sealant
  • Silicone Fluid Softening and Plasticizing Agent
  • Platsil Gel 10 Platinum Based Prosthetic Gel Silicone
  • Platsil Gel 10 Deadener
  • Platsil Gel 10 Retarder
  • High Grade Baldcap Plastic
  • GM Foam Latex
  • GM Foam Latex Stabilizer
  • GM Foam Latex Cell Choke
  • AceWax Custom Formulated Wax Mold Release
  • Prosaide Acrylic Medical Grade Adhesive
  • GM Foam Latex Tinting Agent
  • Balloon Rubber Latex
  • Delimonene Pure Citris Solvent
  • Haicast 8012 Urethane Resin
  • BJB TC 1630 Aluminum Filled Urethane Resin
  • Polyester Fiberglass Laminating Resin
  • Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • Chavant NSP Medium and Hard Plastilene Sculpting Clays
  • Alcote Dental Seperating Agent
  • Highly Refined Powdered 200 Bloom and 300 Bloom Gelatin
  • Fiberglass Mattes and Light Weight Cloths
  • Highest Grade Japanese Dental Stone
  • High Grade Plaster Bandages
  • 8 Minute Imperial Body Gel Alginate
  • 4 Minute Prosthetic Grade Cream Alginate
  • Rigid Expanding Polyurethane Foams
  • Telesis Supersolv and Gel Special Make-up Removers
  • Skin Illustrator Alcohol Activated Make-up Palettes
  • Skin Illustrator Liquid Airbrush Inks
  • PAX Paints (Custom Formulated)
  • Joe Blasco Cosmetics